Al-Mazan Shipping & Electomechanical, founded in 1994. is today one among the middle-east's leading service and trading companies within the sale and distribution of production parts and spare parts for shipping. We have built our business on efficient customer service, earning the highest reputation for quality in the region. Because of our efficiency, broad product portfolio and international presence, we are able to offer our customers and suppliers access to a wide variety of international products. We are continuously investing in the development of new business concepts, which can reduce supply chain costs to the benefit of both customers and suppliers.

Al Mazan shipping has an International presence and is certified under both  ISO 9002 and various other international standards. AI Mazan distributes more than 1,500 different shipping parts and accessories, which are produced by suppliers such as Rexroth Bosch Group,PMC,OTIS,WESMAR,ESCO. The parts ranges from pumps, filters, spares, oilfields, finishing, control systems etc.

In addition to distributing physical products, Al Mazan also solves other crucial tasks for manufacturers and their customers, who are in the shipping business. Parts manufacturers seldom have enough resources to maintain the necessary contact with their many customers. At the same time, they often find it difficult to meet customers' growing demands for logistics, documentation and time. Al Mazan functions as a value-adding gateway between manufacturers and customers and makes it possible for both parties to achieve greater efficiency. Our efficient services make it possible for the customer to reduce transaction costs besides receiving time-honored services.

Our mission is to become the leading distributor of shipping spares in the Middle East. We shall achieve this by focusing on service and excellence. thereby fulfilling our customers' and suppliers' needs for creative and innovative solutions.

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