Remote Control and Console 


Flexibility and innovation are necessary components in designing and building project specific consoles and integrated systems.



8101 Alarm Repeater 


The Type 8101 Alarm Repeater is designed specifically for the marine industry and also for a wide range of industrial applications. It is a compact, microcontroller operated alarm repeater panel for operation with PMC's alarm and monitoring products such as the Type 8001 Alarm Annunciator and the Type 8110 Tank Level Monitor.


  • Repeats alarms from other PMC products - Type 8001 alarm annunciators and Type 8110 tank level monitors.
  • Flush mount enclosure is available in two sizes - 16 or 32 repeater points.
  • 12, 24 or 32 VDC operation from ship's batteries.
  • Displays are backlit with long life red LED's and engraved to suit.
  • Dimmer controls built in.
  • Microcontroller based system.
  • Displays are RED when a fault is repeated and white when inactive.
  • External connection wires are minimized using RD-485 two wire multidrop.
  • Up to eight annunciators (either 8001 or 8110) and eight 8101 repeater panels can communicate over a single bus.
  • Each repeater point can be programmed to repeat a single alarm or multiple alarms from the same panel.
  • Relay output for external horn or beacon is provided.
  • Audible alarms can be silenced without acknowledgment of visual alarm.
  • Adjustable time delays on the audible warning for each repeater point are provided.
  • Flashing silence button indicates which panel is annunciating.
  • Conformally coated printed circuit boards.
  • Suitable for use on UMS vessels.
  • Marine approvals.


8110 Tank Level Monitor


  • Monitors volume or level of eight tanks simultaneously
  • Large six digit LED displays for tank level status
  • Bargraph displays percent of volume
  • Backlit LCD shows unit of measure: Litres, Cubic Meters, US & Imperial Gallons, Feet, Meters, etc.
  • Up to six alarms per tank including: two high level, two low level, high flow rate and transducer fault
  • Adjustable slow and fast scan rates
  • Vessel draft can be monitored
  • Easy programming with front LCD or external computer using Comm8110 Tank Level Monitor Setup Software
  • Manual entry or automated calibration of tank shape tables
  • Analog outputs for remote displays
  • Relay outputs for remote alarms or pump controls
  • Easy connection to PMC repeaters and alarm products via RS-485 com. Port
  • Uses standard 4-20 mA transducers
  • IP65 splash proof, flush mount
  • Marine approvals




  8421 Universal Display and Control


The type 8421 Universal Display and Control (UDC) series of products are designed specifically for the marine industry. It is a compact, modular, solid state panel providing high density display and control capabilities. It uses CMOS logic, which provides high noise immunity and low power requirements. It operates from 12, 24 or 32 volt DC ship's batteries. Special cables are not required.


  • Alarm Annunciator.
  • Alarm repeater.
  • Cabin alarm system.
  • Propulsion control.
  • Machinery status.
  • Motor control.
  • Switchboard status.
  • Tank level.
  • Winch control.
  • Watchkeeping status.
  • Watertight door control.



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