Trawl Sonar


Sonar Technology for Improved Trawling

Increases in modern pelagic and semi-pelagic trawling operations worldwide have produced a need for trawl net monitoring systems. Larger and more expensive trawl gear puts new demands on trawl sonars and catch control systems.


Hull Mounted Sonars



  • Commercial Sonars for Purse Seining and Trawling
  • Easy to Adjust Controls
  • Unique Split Screen
  • Extraordinary coverage of the waters beneath and around your boat



Side Scan Sonars


Compact, Versatile, Powerful: Side Scan sonar is the world's most cost-effective sonar for shallow-water search, survey and salvage.


Military Sonar

  • Performance tested by the U.S. Navy
  • Subs & Submersibles
  • Surface Vessels
  • Three Sonars in One
  • Advanced Features Improve Navigation Safety